Talent is an exceptional and natural aptitude or skill that can be developed by continuous practice and training. There are many talents but one talent stands out and is quite impressive and awe-inspiring. It is the talent where a person can impress you by the mere use of their body, expressions and senses. If you think you have this kind of talent, come and join us at Saudi Comic Con.


Cosplay Challenge

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, anime or video game. In the Cosplay Challenge, participants called cosplayers wear costumes or create their own outfits to represent a specific character. In this Challenge, you can end up sitting next to Luffy from One Piece Manga, meet Batman or take a selfie with Nathan Drake!


Every person has their own style and way of expressing themselves, which gives them their own unique character. Impersonating such character (their body language, the way they speak, the way they laugh, etc.) is a talent that a few may have, with close observation, and tremendous skill to replicate and impersonate.


Rapping is a relatively young art. It is mainly an expression of an idea or delivering a message through spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics, and sometimes through improvisation of rapped lyrics. This of course requires the skill to make quick and smart raps.


There are many percussion instruments, which have evolved throughout ages and cultures. Beatboxing is the art of mimicking drum machines using one’s mouth, lips, tongue and voice! It is a form of vocal percussion and rhythm, and a primary element of hip-hop culture.

Lip Syncing

Are you one of those who can memorize a song note by note? Showoff those skills and challenge peers to a game of Lip-syncing. Wow the audience and the make them think they are in front of the original singer.

Art Competitions

Best 3D Installation

Winner: Amr Taha

Best Pen and Ink Artwork

Winner: Dalia Khojah

Best Digital Artwork

Winner: Nour Shargawi

Best Original Story

Winners: Hajer Elbusefi & Muhammad AlNafisi

Best Comic

Winner: Mohammad Bawakid

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